Surreal Photography



Recently I found these great photos online via blogs and instagram of a surreal nature. The best thing about these photos- other than the fact they are stunning and beautiful is that anyone can achieve the same result and I hope to do the same but with video! The pics don’t use any photo manipulation but just atmospheric locations and people. Check them out!

The correlating themes in these photos that I find really cool is the simplicity, the natural tones and how all those elements go towards creating a photo that delivers an atmosphere that is the opposite of something natural and simplistic but other worldly. The frequent techniques used by surreal photographers is to depict the characters in their photos with no clothes but exposed flesh, which gives a fragility to the photos and portrays people in their rawest form of being just like any other creature exposed in nature. The cold blue tones also reflect the sombre nature of the photos and helps create a spiritual atmosphere, this draws you into their fairy tale world. The photography is not only striking but evokes mystery surrounding the subjects and I for one can’t help but dream up scenarios based upon the actions.


Alex Stoddard started his 365 Flickr project when he was 16, taking photos in the woods behind this home in the deep south, Georgia. Now 19, Alex creates dark and fantastical tales that capture the drama and fragility of the human experience.



20 year old photographer Katharina Jung from Germany, who turns her emotions into images; the results are otherworldly scenes of strange beauty.


The photo below is by Elena and Vitaliy Vasileva, a Ukrainian couple who shoot for Vogue, Stern and Spiegel. This photo takes inspiration from the painting ‘The Lovers II’ by surrealist painter Magritte.


The next photo is by freelance photographer Weronica Izdebska based in Poland. Natural light, cold blue tones and characteristic atmosphere – these are the main features of her work. You can see all her photos on her instagram page @ovors




Hyena Men of Lagos

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OK guys so I’m kicking off this whole blog thing with a little description about a reality that goes on in Lagos, Nigeria that trips me out no matter how many times I think about it. So whilst we complain that the milk in our coffee burns out tongues there are some seriously bad ass motherfuckers who stroll the streets with pet hyenas.

I thought I’d throw up a few images for your eyes simply because, to me, they are extremely moody and mind-blowing.

Found in the outer shanti towns of Lagos, the locals know them as the Gadawan Kura (rough translation: Hyena handlers). As you can imagine they don’t seem to have the greatest rep in the area and the general consensus is that they are thrown into the bank robber, drug dealer, shady individual category (but I have a feeling it’s their pets that seem to be the real issue).

From a visual perspective I don’t think you could look any more bad ass if you tried (maybe only with lions or giant pythons on a leash – the latter may not be possible but it’s an interesting idea). Not only do they use thick chains to hold them back but they also have these mad rubber skirts/kilts that are presumably made out of old car tires.

The thought of having someone in the neighborhood walking around with a hyena on a leash is something I’ll never really be able to get over, not only because it’s pretty cool but also because it’s pretty fucking scary! I can’t imagine in today’s world that these people are going to be allowed to stick around but for now there’s something strangely romantic about the absurdity of mixing concrete jungles with wild animals and human populations. We all know that holding wild animals captive isn’t actually that “cool” but as far as images go they are pretty breathtaking.

Anyway check out the stills by Peter Hugo


UKMVA_14 09_0



FAMILIA attended the UK Music Video Awards last week and wow, what an awesome night. Hosted by the amazing Adam Buxton and attended by a host of major players from the music video scene, the night started with a buzz and ended with a hangover.

And we WON. We only went out and won the first award of the night. This actually presented quite a funny situation (with this being our first awards ceremony) as none of us really knew what to do in the event of us actually winning.

And the winner is… Fuck. What do we do? What does everyone else do. High fives all around and lots of bear hugs. Craig, get up there. Sophie, go with him. Rad! We WON.


Planning is for people who aren’t brave enough to wing it… and wing it he did as he marched down the stairway towards the stage where he was joined by two gorgeous blondes – The Sophie Brooks/Caroline Clayton – Producer/Commissioner Sandwich. Add some spicy sauce in the form of Adam Buxton and that’s how we do awards. Click click, flash flash… and off they go.

So yeah, he bloody forgot to say a speech and it seemed like he started a trend as the winners that followed him adopted a similar tactic when they took the stage. Way too cool for school… ha!

So if you are wondering what Craig’s speech would have been like, we asked him to knock it up… and here it is:

ACCEPTANCE SPEECH//  Wow. Thank You. So stoked to be up here accepting this award on behalf of everyone who made The Renegade possible. My Producer, Sophie Brooks… Thank you – Your experience and creative approach played a massive role in the delivery of this video. Caroline Clayton – Thank you for believing in this idea and allowing us to craft something special. Friend Within / Ministry of Sound – Thanks for the soundtrack! Liam Johnson @ Robot SA – Thanks for all the groundwork and providing an excellent service for this ambitious project. Aislinn Clifford (EDIT) and Framestore (GRADE) for their post work. To the SA Crew, Choreographers, Dancers and Talent – Thanks so much for your hard work and patience. We got there in the end and we’ve gone and won a bloody UKMVA! Lastly, Thanks to FAMILIA & Marisa @ MGA.


We at FAMILIA would like to congratulate Craig on this amazing achievement and thoroughly deserved award. These low budget numbers are never easy and require time and dedication from everyone involved. On that note, we would like to thank, and congratulate, Sophie Brooks who produced the video for FAMILIA. She also styled the video so we can’t thank her enough and feel really lucky to have had her in SA with Craig, liaising with Ministry and the service company, Robot, on FAMILIA’s behalf.

We would also like to congratulate CAROLINE CLAYTON for winning COMMISSIONER OF THE YEAR AWARD,… and all the other winners on the night. There is some serious talent out there and we look forward to collaborating with these clever people on our future projects.

REVIEW OF THE NIGHT// Adam Buxton was hilarious as always delivering a skit inspired by a handful of ridiculous YouTube conversations. Other highlights include an ingenious British-infused acceptance speech by Daniels (VIDEO OF THE YEAR) featuring one half of the directing duo shagging a pack of Digestives. What an image! Big congratulations to Emily Kai Bock and Hiro Murai for their awards. Next year the Familia collective hope to represent in even bigger numbers. Make some noise. Turn it up. Let’s all dance awkwardly.

In case you missed the award winning video here it is. See ya next year folks;

Men, Women and Children REVIEW

FAMILIA @ London Film Festival – Men, Women And Children REVIEW

Men, Women and Children, or “This film is about all of us, yeah?” flails at the internet-fuelled zeitgeist with limited success. We follow a series of white, middle class families stumbling their awkward way through white, middle class problems for two agonising hours. One teen gives up American football for online gaming, another is so porn-addled he can’t get aroused by a real girl. At the same time the adults come to terms with their own web-based dilemmas, including a bored housewife’s dating site infidelity with, wait for it, a black guy.

In one of the more risible sub-plots, a single mother sets up a lucrative soft porn website featuring her cheerleader daughter, only for its discovery by TV execs to threaten the daughter’s budding reality TV career. At times it feels like Jason Reitman is trying to engrave the words “SERIOUS, CONTEMPORARY ISSUE” into his audience’s eyeballs.

There is some stuff in here to like. Dean Norris puts in a strong performance as a cuckolded husband, and the turns given by Ansel Elgort and Kaitlyn Denver help forge the film’s only convincing relationship. There are a few laughs, some neat gags and the odd bit of touching characterisation but they are lost amid a bloated, preaching lack of self-awareness.
In Men, Women and Children, Reitman has taken on too many difficult themes and crammed in too many characters in an attempt to capture how the internet has changed our society and our relationships with each other. The patronising, pseudo-philosophical monologue by Emma Thompson’s narrator at the film’s end encapsulates much of what is wrong with the whole.